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RAV Drums

RAV instruments are steel tongue drums, which give easy access to creating music to everyone. Both amateurs and musicians can find a scale to their level. There are sounds for every taste: peaceful, cheerful, dreamy and mystical. Regardless of the age or occupation of the player, RAV Vast drums can become an excellent pastime. Besides, these instruments can be used in yoga, meditation and sound-healing because of their soothing effect. Almost all RAV scales are suitable for jamming with a band and pair well with string and key instruments as well as other RAV drums.



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  • Manou Van Caillie

    The rav vast is a really nice drum to play on, it gives me such great energies and it makes me very peaceful. While looking what my favourite sound was, I went for B Kurd, it gives me such a mystical vibe. What I feel, I play and the sound really resonates with what I'm feeling. It is a personal choice but tune in with yourself and listen to your innervoice.

  • Paul Fawdon

    I absolutely love my RAV. I first heard them online and found the sound so calming and peaceful. I decided to get my own RAV and I haven't looked back since. It's such a fun instrument to learn to play especially if you've never played an instrument before like myself. I would highly recommend for anyone who is interested in these beautiful instruments.

  • Adelina Tara

    Im very happy with my rav! 

    This instrument is a living  being and brings so much joy where every im playing. I use it a lot for sound healing in my yoga classds and for cacao ceremonies. My community loves it! Very grateful for this art artwork! Thank you

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  • Q: I am a beginner. Which scale would you recommend?

    We recommend to start exploring the RAV Vast world with these scales: versatile B Rus, calm B Celtic minor, cheerful D Major and mysterious G Pygmy.

  • Q: Which scale is the best for me?

    There's no top or bottom and it all comes down to which sound you like the most. Firstly we suggest watching these videos, and if you're still having trouble choosing, contact us. We'll gladly help you! 

  • Q: I am in the USA. Where is the delivery from? Should I pay custom duties?

    Shipping is from the USA via UPS. You won't have custom duties.

  • Q: I want to play in a band. Could you tell me which RAV scales work well together?

    Good RAV Vast combinations:
    A Integral + D Celtic Minor + E Low Pygmy
    B Celtic Minor + B RUS + B Celtic Double Ding + D Major + B Kurd

  • Q: I don't have any musical background. Can I play RAV drums?

    RAV is known as an intuitive musical instrument. It gives easy access to creating music to everyone!

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