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RAV Vast G Minor Pentatonic

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RAV Vast Black Bag for FREE is included

Take a minute and imagine delicate sakura flowers that are slowly falling on the grass and lake with the sound of shamisen, a Japanese traditional string instrument. That is what you hear in the voice of the G Minor Pentatonic. This scale provides a calm and positive atmosphere that takes you to Asian gardens. This scale is relative to the G Pygmy RAV Vast, yet it has its specific sound.

This pentatonic scale is the best tongue drum for beginners. It’s easy to play and acquire by anyone, even those who’ve never tried to play the tongue drum (or any other instrument) before. If you are looking for your very first RAV drum, the G Minor Pentatonic is the best steel tongue drum for you.


Notes: G2, D3, F3, G3, A#3, C4, D4, F4, G4
Proficiency Level: Medium
Mood: Dreamy
Culture: Asian
Key: G
Weight: 14 lb
Size: 20'' 
Height: 7''
Coating: Painted